[EN, FR] Steve Jobs

Here is an article about Steve Jobs, who created Apple. His first girlfriend wrote a biography of him where she obviously describes a sociopath. There are interesting details that are common to many stories of manipulation in couples.
A few things made me think he was a sociopath when I read his biography on Wikipedia, especially when they said he took the benefits out of his friend’s work (Wozniak) or the clash he had with Sculley that lead him being put aside of the Apple project . Don’t get me wrong, a good manipulator excludes people, not the opposite. But in this case he is described as a tyrant who belittles his employees so they ally with this Sculley to get rid of him… He also denied his daughter. I let you read it….

Here is the link to the article with extracts of the biography : http://nypost.com/2013/10/15/steve-jobs-ex-reveals-their-explosive-relationship/




Plus haut, je parlais de Steve Jobs, le créateur d’Apple. Sa première petite amie a écrit un livre où elle le décrit littéralement comme un pervers narcissique. Un article du New York Post montre des extraits très explicites de manipulation dans le couple. Comment suis-je arrivée là ? Je lisais tout simplement sa biographie sur Wikipedia et me suis retrouvée interpellée par deux ou trois événement un peu étranges : il s’attribue le travail de ses amis et en tire des bénéfices à leur insu, il devient un patron-tyran et se fait virer par ses collaborateurs, il dépeint les autres (ses employés) en noir et blanc, soit on est “un génie”, soit on est vraiment une merde qui ne sert à rien…

[EN] + [FR] Narcissism in capitalist/contemporary society


I haven’t read that article by Slavoj Zizek about Christopher Lasch’s The Culture of Narcissism and pathological narcissism. Is it interesting ? The funny thing is that I actually found the article on the Anti-Zizek League Facebook page. As if the guy who posted that didn’t really get that we actually don’t like Zizek so much…


A propos de La culture du narcissisme de Christopher Lasch, il en existe un résumé chez les Renseignements Généreux. Ya-t-il quelqu’unE qui a lu l’un des deux ou bien l’article cité plus haut (en anglais) de Zizek ?

Bien que j’ai déjà lu la version raccourcie, j’ai sérieusement besoin de la relire. Voire de lire l’original… C’est franchement très intéressant.

[FR] Fascisme et vampirisme

Citation : “Le racisme est un mécanisme pervers narcissique” Jean-Charles Bouchoux

Illustration: Mains brunes sur la ville

On peut faire un parallèle intéressant entre les méthodes du FN à Orange et celles utilisées par les pervers narcissiques

à partir de 00:30 à 00:45, méthodes de vampires par le FN
harcèlement (jusqu’au suicide), méthodes de filous, diviser, isoler, jouer avec les émotions, insulter, dissiper (fausser ?) l’information
à 00:54 persécution (00:56 Bompard = propagande et manipulation)
00:57 intimidation armée régulière
00:58 la peur
1:03:20 le communiqué
1:06:30 “En France, le racisme n’existe pas”





The first version of it is finally done ! It’s been shared at the Radical Bookfair in London on the 10th of May.

My thanks to all the people I’ve met there. And especially to Two Magpies Editorial for spreading my propaganda!

I was a bit paranoid about the way people would receive it but I am happy that apparently all went OK. Just as any other kind of struggle, some people won’t like the idea of us speaking about it.

I know, I know, the blog doesn’t look very good (yet!). And it took me two days to publish this PDF. But I can tell you, I am very excited about this project, so you can expect a lot more to come.

Also, I am not the first person to speak about it, so please go around the web. I won’t say there is “plenty” of stuff but there is already a lot of stuff. I am really surprised there is not more.

Do you know anything anarchists could have written about it ?

If you think you could help me to write/correct the texts, you have testimonies to share, you have any request, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me : manipulationhunt@yahoo.co.uk

Here is the PDF : VAMPIRE HUNT N1

Manipulation in anarchist and queer circles

Here is the second part of the notes used for the workshop in Dublin, at Seomra Spraoi, on the 30th of May during the Ladyfest about how anarchist and queer circles make a good soil for growing manipulation.

Manipulation in anarchist and queer circles

I found really bad dynamics in squats, and in many actually. Always getting disappointed after a while being somewhere. I think I have found an element of analyze.

I think anarchists squats are good soil for vampires:
– squats full of “victims” : creative, positive, generous, devoted, etc. people, who will even feel quite safe in this kind of context!
– they dont like being controlled, they like to control. So we share this rebellious character. Hate of the state etc.
They like to destroy any spontaneous joy. They are jealous of joyful people so that gives them quite a nihilist character too.
– They are smart and know many things. If they study anarchy and stuff, its easy to know what people expect from them. they can brainwash you with anarcha feminist theory and make you think you are an oppressor! really!
– i personally found that anarchists in general look for new ways to oppress each other. play a lot with power relationships. like for example the people who opened a squat who are kind of holy and highly respected. or the ones who can fix stuff. or who deal the drugs.
– when you are from an oppressed group, its easy to victimize yourself (as a women for example)
– we are strong people. they are too. living in a cold house, get shitty skip, long hitch hiking, no showers, repression… they can do lots of sacrifices. So that doesnt stop them. They even get rewarded for that (and activism). And they can pretend to be the victim of one of us easily then because we are so strong (so feminist or whatever). We all know how guys are so happy to fuck with feminists.
– people are clickey and sectarian => I think this one is more a consequence of this than a cause !!! but if they were smarter and a bit more brave, this wouldnt happen. I guess many people are just comfortable with this situation.

Queers :

– I would personally be careful with stuff like polyamory or BDSM. Not that it’s bad. But it’s risky, especially if your different lovers are also in a relationship. I personally wouldnt be able to do it.
– They can play with femininity and look like weak-tiny-little-objects and be playing with the loud-innocents of us. Make you think, and make everyone think that you are an oppressor.
I think they are many in the queer scene too!!
– Being openly a queer is obviously brave, so they can look “really cool” to their peers. I guess some lesbians and bi must feel safer around other girls. Again they should be careful. Manipulation has no gender. Some trans are manipulators too.

On the other hand I found the non-queers quite homophobic in general. I even found a homophobic guy turning queer! and he got some of the queer team behind him.

One (anarcha-squatter) girl was berrk too : once she was saying anti-feminist things to me in front of her boyfriend (like “I don’t feel oppressed,  I am not feminist, I am good with him” and she was smiling, I didn’t get why – while it was just for seeing my reaction) and the next time I met her was at the trendiest queer party, looking so fabulous talking glitter etc.

Manipulation in interpersonal relationships

Here are the notes used for the workshop in Dublin, at Seomra Spraoi, on the 30th of May during the Ladyfest about manipulation in interpersonal relationships. This focuses on the extreme character of the narcissistic pervert. I plan to make this into a zine. It needs more detailed advices.

 Manipulation in interpersonal relationships

The same way I would advice people to investigate what’s in their food, I would advice people to investigate what’s in their relationships. Especially if they are not great.

If any saboteur shows up, there will be great chances that they actually are manipulators. So that’s them we want to speak about.

First : what’s manipulation ?
Simply : when someone makes someone else do something they wouldnt have done by themselves. Of course, they can also convince them that they did it by their own will.

But it implies more than that and they can be really dangerous and bring people to suicide. They are poisonous people you have to stay away of. Survival.

There are different kinds of manipulation.
1 the “good” one: surprise birthday party
2 the “selfish” one : I will pay you tomorrow
3 the pathologic one, paranoid, I call them vampires. I will focus on them. I have started a vampire hunt. And hope you will join me.
All their life, their identity is based on what they look like. If they are nothing to you, they dont exist. They kind of exist through you because you are their puppets. Their are proud of themselves, of being so smart and able to use people so well. They sometimes betray themselves, once in 10 years (“I am so good at manipulating!”).
So basically, they seem to be very strong, they can do a lot. But they are very weak inside and I have met someone whom husband committed suicide to make the whole family feel guilty.

So the scenario is basically : they have targets. There is a typical victim of the vampire. And with the others, they just try to look serious to them. Get their confidence. Maybe get them to do something for them (they use intermediate people a lot). To hide their game.

lets make two lists : one of the tools they use, one of the signs that show their manipulation.

How they look like : popular, have some sort of power (if they dont and you do, they can make you think they do!), are “cool”,often dealers (makes people dependent), resourceful (like they can do plumbery – the same). Charismatic. Very smart. Seducer.

How do you feel around them : first you feel great, you want to be their friend. They are beautiful, all you dreamt of. And you would do anything for them. Then you start to get confused and thats when the spiral starts.

Speaking : one thing that helped me a lot discovering them is the way they speak. They are confusing. You never really know where they want to get. I have a passion for the verb so I can tell when people dont have a gramatically correct sentence (but here its not about not being educated, its about using complicated formulations). They like to PLAY with words. They make you say what you havent said. you always think you will get somewhere and they suddenly say something completely absurd that forces you to explain all from the beginning. Bad faith.
they like to make you angry. My brother once tried four or five times to trigger me with racist and sexist comments. I had to tell him each time : why are you speaking about this ? We’ll get to an argument again! Lets speak about something that we share.
Conclusion : prefer CLEAR people. If someone is not clear, make them repeat until they say something clear. And of course, dont let them play with you. If they get to the conclusion that YOU are not able to communicate, just ignore them. But its not always easy.

Ethics : they dont have any. They are quite rebellious because they are narcissistic and they dont want anyone to step on their foot. You might agree with them as an anarchist about the uselessness of the state and the law, etc.
They master YOUR politics and can pretend they share the same to return them against you. They like to play the VICTIM (while you should remember that real victims are not usually so proud!!!). And make you feel GUILTY. my solution: Whenever I feel bad, I think “its not coming from me, where is it coming from ?”. Is there someone around making me feel bad ? why ? etc. you will discover a lot !!! Especially when people dont speak and that makes you feel awkward. Then you realize there is something odd going on. Not always but very often. Staying silent is not a 100% sign, it happened to me to think someone shy or with aspergers was one. Because they didnt say “hi!” to me and i was like “are they trying to snob me ?”

– Comment : I would say that you should never feel like shit. You only know who you are and how great you are so dont let them put into your mind that you are shit. Feeling guilty never brought anything. Even if you are (or i would say WERE, because its nots the case), you should NEVER *FEEL* guilty. fucking catholic shit. It is stopping you from having rewarding experiences and its just a whole vicious circle.
Not only guiltiness, but FEAR or SHAME are tools they use. –

Look : they might be rebellious, they always look good. Conformist, they wont stick out. The most normal u can do. They can have dramatic attitudes too. That makes them look like they are the leader.

Interactions: Up and Down. One day they will be so so great. Smart etc. And {I forgot to tell you that you were also narcissistic} make you compliments that will flatter you a lot. And, maybe the next time you see them, or 5minutes later if you know them well, after they got your confidence they will belittle you. Make you feel horrible, guilty, ashamed… on the other hand, they dont get critics. In the end, you just end being scared of criticizing them!!
One very important thing is that they are really closed to their victims : partner, member of the family. So they mean a lot to you. You feel like you need them, while it is the OPPOSITE!

They are quite control freak.

They REVERSE ROLES all the time.

No moral : dont think that its out of the moral. dont think that it COULDNT happen. The most they are sadistic, the most they are “happy”. its hard to imagine that people can be so cruel, but they do. Professionals say they have to project their own problems on others, like fear of abandon for example. They LIE a lot. Change the reality. Re-invent things. They manage to make you doubt about really obvious things. You get completely confused. They like to play the smart hin hin hin. And see you getting vert de rage.
examples: as I said, I met someone who knows a vampire who committed suicide
but also, when my uncle died, my brother tried all he could to make me feel guilty. he said that my cousin told him “do you dont know her last [stupid behavior]” … => to make me feel ridiculous
He did lots of manners to express that I was ridiculous not morning, but then he happened to be the only one in black at the funerals.

Will remind you how ten years ago you did something. And that proves so much who you are. How bad you are.

One very important thing : they isolate their victims. So they make them think there is only one like them in the world. So ridiculous. And that no one really cares about you. If you trust them, you wont dare to speak to your best friends or family anymore. and they will have more power on you. – obvioulsy, you should just do the opposite (!!!), they are your best allies!

Things that happen to them are always very very important. Things that happen to you dont matter.